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Niniane Everaert one of the 50 filmmakers of Kino Guarimba in Southern Italy

A 12 days Cinema Residency in southern Italy where a group of international creatives who don’t know each other get together to write, shoot, edit and screen short films.

Calabria is a melting pot of cultures from Ancient Greek to Modern Italian, including Arbërëshë, Albanese, Sub-Saharan African and Latin American cultures. In the region, you will find dialects, folk music and dances, catholic and pagan rituals, culinary expressions, the mountain and the sea among farmers and fishermen.

The goal of the residency is not to create masterpieces, but to give the opportunity to the participants to live a community experience where they can grow, learn and discover with new cultures.

Despite this, some films made during the past editions of Kino have also distinguished themselves outside the residency, being selected in international festivals and winning prizes.

Some analogue pictures on set of "Thunder, Perfect Mind" with director Richard Weston.

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