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Niniane Everaert was featured in the SPOKEN WORD SESSIONS '21

Spoken Word Sessions 2021 – Death

Why not look death deeply in the eyes? Why wouldn't you have a conversation with death? The end is as inseparable from life as the beginning. In fact, life is incomplete without death. Death shows us the essence of life and, last but not least, stimulates the imagination. And it is precisely this fantasy that HUMAN tries to capture in the fourth season of Spoken Word Sessions. Eight word artists brought together by curator Manu van Kersbergen were paired with young musicians who together created a new work of art. For this series we were welcomed at the Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond and worked closely with the set designer Vera Selhorst. This season the spoken word artists are: Zaire Krieger, Saman Amini, Niniane Everaert, Esohe Weyden, Gery Mendes, Mirte Hartland , Elten Kiene and Kevin Blaxtar de Randamie.

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